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知识产权法务 devipr@oppo.com 如果您的作品版权相关反馈,请提供版权证明材料:
2.构成侵权的初步证明材料 。
Cooperation type Name Email Remarks
APP AppStore&Content Cooperation Jerrick.Li(Mr.) OverseasBD@oppo.com
AppStore&Content Cooperation Avinish Jain(Mr.)
Advertising Manager Leon.Li(Mr.) leon.li@oppo.com
Game Business Development Manager Jamie Xue (Mr.) xuesheng@oppo.com
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Counsel / devipr@oppo.com

If you need feedback on the copyright of the work, please provide the copyright proof materials:
1.The specific identity information of the author, the name of the infringing content and the specific website;
2.The preliminary proof of the infringement.Please send us the materials via email as an attachment.

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