Dear Designers,

Thank you for participating in the 2020 OPPO Smartphone theme Design Reward
We have selected the winners of the competition based on the voting results in Theme Store user voting campaign.
Here we are happy to announce the winners of this Design Reward!

The winner artworks will be made into free themes exclusively for OPPO users! So your artwork will be made into a real theme and used by millions of our users!

Awards of exposures of your artwork will be given after designers design new smartphone themes.

We have contacted the winners by Whatsapp messages and E-mails. Please check your whatsapp and e-mail for the winner information update. Please check junk mails in case of our mail being mistakenly categoriezed.If you are the winner listed below but you haven't receive any information from us, please contact Winner who didn't claim the award will be seen as voluntary abstention.

1st Prize

3000$ for 1 Winner

Calling talented designers from all corners of the globe.

We are making it easy and fast for all talented theme designers to reach out to 100 million happy OPPO users across the globe. Here we are providing you an opportunity to showcase your talent and express your unique vision to millions of users.

Our collaboration will make the art of smartphone unbeatable



    • 2020

      Jan 02

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    • 2020

      Feb 02

      First Round

    • 2020

      Feb 15

      Final Round

    • 2020

      Feb 27

      Winners Announcement



    • Login with OPPO account
      Type in your name, mobile number and email address.

    • Create theme and write 100-200 words design description

    • Download the following template, create your design and submit
      it according to the required standards.

    • Submit your designs on our web portal, if upload fails, you can contact us
      by our offcial email: “”

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    • 1. Concept template

      (detail info please check the zip)

    • 2. Theme interface template

      (detail info please check the zip)

    • 3. Designer introduction and design introduction

      (no more than 200 words)



    • Liu Lu

      Zooking Design Director

    • Xiang Hui

      Co-Founder of H&L Design

    • Diela Maharanie

      Designer and Illustrator


    • Exquisite

      With comfortable composition, balanced color, strong design, aesthetic

    • Creativity

      The Concept is innovative and it causes emotional resonance

    • Branding

      Strongly reflecting the fashionable and youthful branding tone

    • User Friendly

      Does not disrupt the phone's natural interface


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    Fantasy Forest Ruby Chen

    Concept Design